The concrete platform after the 2013 Elections

On the day of the 2013 General Election, an individual coated part of the Marsalforn rocky shore, located right in front of the Il Gabbiano restaurant (ex-Panarea Snack Bar) with concrete. This act of vandalism was reported to MEPA, which issued an enforcement order on the Lands Department as the owner of the land and on the owner of Il Gabbiano, who denied any involvement. The concrete was then removed, at public expense, by the Gozo Projects and Development Department, which is part of the Ministry of Gozo.

Subsequently, the enforcement orders were lifted by MEPA, and no further action was taken against the perpetrator despite there being, in our opinion, enough evidence to do so. Moreover, when the concrete was removed, this was done in such a way as to leave a smooth platform of rock, which could still be used for the same purpose as the concrete platform. The Ramblers’ Association has asked the Lands Department to make it clear that it would not tolerate any use of this public land for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. Soon after this event, several chairs and umbrellas appeared on the platform, right in front of Il Gabbiano. What does MEPA and the Tourism Authority have to say about this, since usage of this site in this way requires both their permission? And what is the Lands Department going to do about this illegal occupation of public land?

Marsalforn platform

The platform being used by the Il Gabbiano restaurant for commercial purposes

Marsalforn concrete platform

After the intervention of the Ministry for Gozo, the platform remained usable!








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