Naxxar ODZ Elderly Home

On the 16th of October, the Ramblers’ Association, along with FAA and Front Harsien ODZ and the Naxxar and Ghargur Local Councils have supported a residents’ association against the construction of an Elderly People’s Home on ODZ land in Naxxar.

The association believes that it would make much more sense if senior citizens were accomodated within their own localities, so that they would not be separated from their supporting communities, environment and regular activities.

The Association is also of the opinion that the loop holes for building in ODZ should be closed rather than be multiplied. Policies allowing the construction of ODZ Elderly People’s Homes, ODZ Petrol Stations and ODZ villas on the pretext that there was previously a ruin on the site in question have only been introduced to allow developers to turn a quick profit out of land over which no development is normally allowed.

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