The Walks

At the time the Ramblers Association Malta was founded, our honorary President wrote about a Ray of hope:

“We are still in time to stop the rot and to ensure that the natural unsurpassed beauty ofIllegal signs our Islands remains as a national legacy for future generations. With the setting up of the Ramblers’ Association of Malta in February 2005, compulsive ramblers and casual walkers expect a better deal from the authorities starting with the publication of an official definitive map of the Maltese Islands identifying all the public paths as well as the restoration to public use of all the land that has been illegally appropriated. A right to unimpeded access to the foreshore is also being sought in areas where this has been rendered difficult or impossible.

The objectives of the Association are clear as listed in its statute. It is indeed most gratifying that national associations such as Din l-Art Helwa, Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, Malta Geographical Society, Nature Trust (Malta) and others have given their wholehearted support for the setting up of the Association.

The Ramblers Association of Malta now prides itself of a healthy and ever-growing membership and has embarked on its first year’s walks program primarily aimed at opening up relatively unknown areas of our countryside to ramblers who keenly participated in good numbers in these organised walks. Areas visited in this first year have been the prehistoric site at Il-Misqa, Wied Qirda, Il-Qattara and the medieval hamlet of Is-Simblija, the Bronze Age site at Il-Qlejgha tal-Bahrija, Rdum Majjesa and the cliffs at Miger Ilma. InCliffsdeed quite a few of the places visited are freely dotted with illegal no entry signs which seek to inhibit the bona fide rambler from access and enjoyment of these areas.

The Association also organised a successful three-day walking event in Gozo early in 2006 which was also very well subscribed. RAM has taken it upon itself to report illegalities in the countryside wherever these are encountered and participates and cooperates with other NGO’s in matters of national importance concerning our natural heritage.”

Many years on, a lot has changed yet a lot still remains to be done. Even though society has changed, the environment and the preservation of our cultural heritage still remains under appreciated and is in need of our support. The Ramblers association Malta is doing it utmost to help these causes and part of what we do is organize walks to bring about awareness.

These walks can be found in the program that you will find posted on this website. The full program including descriptions of the walks is only available to registered members.