Walks Program

Walking in the countryside is an important part of the education about our natural environment, our culture and our history. The Ramblers’ Association organises about 50 walks every year, and has several expert walk leaders to help you enjoy the best routes we have found while tracking ourselves.

How do I join?

Becoming a member of our Association allows you to attend all of the walks included in our walks programme.

How difficult are the walks?

The Ramblers often leave the paved roads to roam the countryside and this may not be suitable for everybody. Therefore all walks are graded as follows, in order to indicate whether they are suitable for you or not:

Easy for the occasional rambler who prefers to walk along easy terrain routes along country lanes without much rough ground or too steep inclines.
Moderate  for the average rambler who can take 3-4 hour stretches of walking on uneven surfaces.
Hard for the fit rambler in good physical shape and able to negotiate steep inclines and long stretches.
Very Hard  only for hardy ramblers loving difficult challenges, and who are ready to take a beating.

Our walk leaders do their best to scout and properly grade each walk beforehand and ensure these walks are done with the Code of Practice in mind. Members who are interested in becoming Walk Leaders are invited to come forward. New and original routes would be welcome, but this is not a must. Please contact us if you are interested and the Walks Coordinator will get in touch with you to give you more details. You can also speak to the committee members during any of the walks.

Some walks might present problems to anyone who is not used to walking over unpaved ground. Good walking shoes and suitable clothing for the weather are recommended. Please bring some drinking water along, especially on the longer walks. RAM endeavors to adhere to the published walks programme but reserves the right to make changes without prior notice, as the need arises. Walks are organized for the benefit of RAM members. Guests are welcome to try any walk and are invited to join the Association if they find the going good and wish to come again. Walks will be cancelled in case of very bad weather. If in doubt please phone 99497080 / 79594267

Owing to the nature of the activity involved in walks, RAM strongly recommends that you take certain measures to prevent any loss or injury being incurred during a walk. Precautionary measures suggested by RAM include, but are not limited to:

  • wearing clothing attire and footwear which is suitable for walking activities;
  • keeping all your belongings in a safe place during the walk;
  • bringing basic first aid material with you to the walk;
  • bringing sufficient drinking water with you to the walk;
  • undertaking a medical check-up on a regular basis to ensure that your health condition is adequate for walking activities;
  • paying attention to the difficulty level of each walk, and only attending walks the difficulty level of which is compatible with your experience and physical condition;
  • sticking to the trail suggested by walk leaders during the walk;
    stop walking if at any point the walk feels too difficult.

Please note that the above are strictly suggestions provided by RAM and shall in no way imply any form of responsibility on the part of RAM in the event of any loss, damage or injury being incurred by an attendee during a walk.

Disclaimer: By attending any of the RAM walks you expressly acknowledge that this shall be at your own risk and that you shall be responsible for any loss, damage or injury which you may incur during the walk. RAM expressly disclaims liability in any manner or under any circumstances whatsoever, for any loss or damage, bodily injury or death, which may be incurred during a walk.

Note: Bookings for restricted walks are not transferable. If one is accepted on a restricted walk one cannot decide to transfer one’s booking to another person. Should one not be able to make the booked walk one is to inform the organizers at once.

Walks Programme – October to December 2018

Autumn Walks Calendar – 2018

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Sunday 7th: Cultural walk through the British Garrison Town of Mtarfa ending with a visit to an oil press.

An easy walk starting by Mdina gate from where we head towards  Mtarfa where we are able to see the old garrison town with its military buildings and a very old chapel overlooking Chadwick lakes. Leaving Mtarfa, we then head to Tal- Kancillier olive press where we will watch olive oil being processed. There will be olive oil for sale for those who wish to purchase some.

Duration:               2.5hrs approx
Rating:                   Easy
Meeting Place:      Mdina Gate
Time:                      09:00

Wednesday 10th: Marsascala / St Peter’s Pool / Tas-Silg Chapel

Starting from the Parish Church in Marsascala, we will walk along the coast towards San Tumas, and then on to St Peter’s Pool and Delimara. After passing by the Tas-Silg Chapel, we will return to Marsascala through pleasant country lanes.

Duration: about 3 hrs
Rating: Easy
Meeting Place: Marsaskala Parish Church
Time: 14:00

Sunday 14th: Manoel Island/Valletta + ferry

After walking around Manoel Island we follow the water’s edge, through the Pinetum, visiting St. Philip gardens and Hastings gardens on our way to catch the ferry back. Remember your 60+ ID card.

Duration:          3 to 4 hours
Rating:              Easy
Meeting Place: Manoel Island (by the ducks’ sanctuary), Sliema
Time:                  09:00

Sunday 21st: Around the lovely countryside of Mosta

We will be starting from the Gnien il-Gharusa tal-Mosta and walk through the valley to Chadwick Lakes and Dwejra.

Duration:          3 to 4 hours
Rating:              Moderate to hard
Meeting Place: Il-Gnien tal-Gharusa tal-Mosta
Time:                 09:00

Wednesday 24th : A cultural visit of Hal-Qormi

A cultural walk through the town of Qormi on the 275th anniversary of it being given the title Citta Pinto by Grandmaster Emm. Pinto de Fonseca. The walk will start from near the Pinto commemorative arch and take us through the old village core with the numerous niches, chapels and various houses of interest. We will walk through part of Wied is-Sewda.

Duration:          about 3 hours
Rating:              Easy
Meeting Place: Near St. Sebastian Primary School, Qormi (just behind St Sebastian Parish Church)
Time:                 14:00

Sunday 28th: Let’s go plogging!

The Ramblers will be participating in the national “Be Active Campaign” by organising this rambling and clean-up activity (collecting light rubbish) along the Victoria Lines. We will be starting from Gharghur, walking on to Fort Madliena, crossing Wied Faham, Wied id-Dies and Wied Anglu, to get back to our starting point in Gharghur.

We should be provided with plastic rubbish bags and disposable gloves.

Duration:          about 4 hours
Rating:              Moderate to hard. Some rough terrain.
Meeting Place: Gharghur Parish Church
Time:  09:00

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Sunday 4th: A visit to Fort Madeliena

On the occasion of the open day at this military site, we will be organizing a short walk along the Victoria Lines, around the Fort perimeter and to the search-light battery. The ramblers can stop to visit the military vehicles which will be on display on the day, the military re-enactments, etc. More information will be provided closer to the date.

Wednesday 7th: Chinese Garden / Gudja (Scenic/Cultural)

We will be visiting the Chinese gardens and walking to the quaint village of Gudja using country pathways.

Duration:          about 3 hours
Rating:              Easy
Meeting Place:  Chinese Gardens, Triq il-Pepprin, Santa Lucija
Time:                 14:00

SATURDAY 10th: GOZO: The Three Hills Walk

We shall take the bus to Nadur Square from Mgarr terminal on the arrival of the 8.15 ferry from Cirkewwa. The walk starts from Nadur square around 9.15am. The route takes us down Ramla valley and over to Xaghra. We then continue walking down once more to Marsalforn valley and across towards Zebbug.

We would like to point out that our route will be along only a couple of moderate inclines at most, and mainly through countryside; The Three Hills do offer some gentle options.

From Zebbug we shall catch the bus to Victoria and change for the ferry bus. If any participants would still like to trek down from Zebbug to Victoria it will be a further twenty minute downhill stroll.

Duration:          about 4 hours
Rating:              Moderate
Meeting Place: 8:15 ferry from Cirkewwa. We will meet up at Mgarr / Gozo, to take the bus to Nadur.

PS: Please note that this walk is on a Saturday! Remember your 60+ ID card and bus card if you have one.

Sunday 18th: Buskett and surrounding area

We will be walking through the gardens and exiting from a high vantage point overlooking Verdala Place. On the way back we will visit the ruins of the Bishop’s Palace.

Duration:         3 to 4 hours
Rating:             Moderate – with steep inclines which could be slippery, if wet.
Meeting Place: Buskett gardens covered car park, Dingli
Time:                 09:00

Wednesday 21st: Gozo

A lovely walk along the coast from Mgarr to Xlendi.

Duration:          3 to 4 hours
Rating:              Moderate
Meeting Place: Mgarr ferry terminal in Gozo
Time:                 10:30

Sunday 25th: Zurrieq / Wied Babu / Wied Bassasa

Duration:          3 to 4 hours
Rating:       Moderate to hard with some rough terrain that might be slippery if wet
Meeting Place: Zurrieq Parish Church
Time:                 09:00

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Sunday 2nd: L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha

A coast-hugging scenic walk around l-Ahrax tal-Madonna starting from Mellieha Bay Hotel towards Slugs Bay and the Immaculate Conception Chapel. From there we head towards the Coral Lagoon along very rough terrain, (leave your flip flops and sandals home). We continue towards the White Tower, along Armier beaches and then back to our starting point.

Duration:              3.5 hours approx.
Rating:                  Moderate to hard due to rough terrain.
Meeting Place:  Please park next to main road at the end of Ghadira beach. The carpark at Mellieha Bay Hotel is for Residents only
Time:                    09:00

Wednesday 5th: Bahar ic-Caghaq/White Rocks/Madliena/Victoria Lines/T’Alla u Ommu/Maghtab (Historical/Scenic)

From our start point we head towards the White Rocks complex from where we then cross the road and head towards Fort Madliena, then joining the eastern end of the Victoria Lines which we follow until we reach the top of T’Alla u Ommu hill, then head towards Maghtab from where we return towards where we started from.

Duration:                      about 3 hrs
Rating:                           Moderate to Hard
Meeting Place:              Bahar ic Caghaq (by Kiosks)
Time: 14:00

Sunday 9th: Ridges and valleys

From our starting point we go down for a short visit to the Naxxar Cart Ruts, then we cross the road and start walking along the Naxxar Victoria Lines. We cross Wied Anglu and proceed to Madliena, passing Busietta Bridge till we reach the road leading to Madliena Fort, and we go up through a small wood enjoying some lovely views of Bahar Ic-Caghaq. Then we go down along the road and proceed to our second crossing, Wied Faham. We then return to our starting point from a different direction while enjoying some breathtaking views of the Valley from above.

Duration:                      about 3 hrs
Rating:                           Moderate to Hard with some sharp inclines
Meeting Place:              Near San Pawl tat-Targa Chapel, Naxxar
Time: 09:00

Sunday 16th: Ghar Lapsi to Ghar Niffied

Starting from Ghar Lapsi (Siggiewi), we will hug the coast and walk towards Ghar Niffied where we can stop for a short picnic if the sea is rough and we cannot go inside the cave. Then we will walk on to Mnajdra and Hagar Qim and back to Ghar Lapsi to the starting point.

Duration: about 4 hrs
Rating: Hard (you need a good head for heights / rough terrain with some steep inclines)
Meeting Place: Ghar Lapsi
Time: 09:00

Wednesday 19th: Rabat and Dingli Area

From the Dominican’s priory in Rabat Malta, we will walk along Lunzjata valley, cross over Wied Hazrun to Dingli cliffs, Maddalena Chapel, Villa Psaigon and back to the starting point.

Duration:                      about 3 hrs
Rating:                           Easy to Moderate
Meeting Place:              Dominican Priory, Rabat
Time: 14:00

Sunday 23rd: A walk in the Fiddien / Ghemmieri area

Duration:                      3 to 4 hrs
Meeting Place:              Roman Villa, Rabat
Rating:                           Moderate
Time: 09:00

Sunday 30th: Mystery walk

Duration:                      3 to 4 hrs
Meeting Place:              Dominican Priory, Rabat
Rating:                           Moderate
Time: 09:00