Ref. 00007/16 – TRK 163702 – Delimara

Redevelopment of an existing derelict hotel including environmentally friendly measures and provision of public ancillary facilities, at Ta’ Kalanka, Delimara.

In our opinion it is indispensable that satisfactory answers be given to the following questions before validating the project for planning considerations.
  1. How can the evident and  considerable negative impacts of over-development in a rural area, damage to sensitive ecology in an AEI/SSI, geological risk of cliff collapse and slope stability, visual and landscape deterioration, downgrading of natural bay/coastal area, etc., be economically and socially justified in the national context;
  2. The financial and land resource outlay for the proposed hotel project seem, at first glance, heavily out of proportion for future returns expected from such a small number of hotel beds. Therefore a presentation of an economic feasibility study of the hotel project in order to assess its future sustainability is warranted with a view that the same fate of the previous hotel will not befall the proposed hotel, and to ascertain that the project is not turned  turned into luxury residential block of apartments.
In short the opportunity cost in terms of ecological loss to the Maltese natural environment must be carefully weighted against the social and economic benefit to the nation, not solely to the developer/s.
We foresee a greater benefit to the nation if the existing derelict building is removed and the comprehensive threatened area protected in its ecological and scenic glory.

Relevant Project Description statement that can be found at:

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