TRK 155949 (EA 00009/16) – Luqa

TRK 155949 (EA 00009/16) – Construction of an elderly residence, Triq Hal-Luqa, Hal-Luqa, Malta.

In our opinion it is important that satisfactory explanations are given to the following questions before validating the project for planning considerations:

  1. Are the declared principles of the SPED and associated policies being respected by this application or is advantage being taken of the exceptions to their general rule.
  2. Why were no areas from those that were incorporated within the Development Zone by the Rationalisation Scheme 2006 considered in any part of the Site Selection Exercise? In fact these areas do not even get a mention. The principles and Thematic Objectives of the SPED 2015, the South Malta Local Plan 2006 and the Development Control Policy and Design Guidance are far better served by consideration of the Rationalisation scheme areas, many of which have not yet been projected. ODZ land is usually resorted to because it is cheaper to purchase, and the PA is obliged by its mission and mandate to stop commercialisation of rural land for urbanisation purposes.
  3. Is the loss of rural land to another private development project justified in view of the number of new social and community facilities such as homes for the elderly becoming operational by private, public/private enterprise as well as by government initiative, as are bragged about frequently on the media. It is not infrequent however that residential homes advertise space! This consideration has also to take account of recent official change in attitude to this social problem, encouraging the elderly not to move from own homesteads.

We look forward to the inclusion of the above information in the TORs for the relative EPS.

The relevant Project Description Statement is available at:





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