Withdrawal of the Guidance document on AOCs (Areas of Containment)

The purpose of the Guidance Document originally was that the established areas in ODZ are put to a master plan that has to be followed by owners of the land within them with respect to such aspects as planning of roads, height limitations, etc.

We understand the idea of the master plan is necessary in order that such areas are rendered safe for workers and consumers alike, healthy and pleasant to work within and visit, amenable to smooth flow of traffic, provided with parking and leisure spaces, direct and easy to drive around to facilitate access, and having sufficient turning space for comfortable and safe working and visiting conditions, with incorporated landscaped areas to mitigate their positioning in the ODZ.

Such master planning is considered necessary in order that each owner is not left to his own devices to maximize his part of the land without consideration to such conditions.

Makeshift AOC’s just as many of those in existence, where each owner devised his own roads without specifications to ensure safety and health, are a blot on the environment and generate a sense of carelessness and contempt to working environments. Inversely careful planning with due respect to open countryside will generate a sense of pride to such environs.

The Authority’s justification for the withdrawal of the Guidance Document may be viewed on the Authority’s website (http://www.pa.org.mt/public-consultation) together with the guidance document ‘Way Forward. Areas of Containment Supplementary Planning Guidance, 2012’.


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