Welcome to the Ramblers’ Association of Malta

The Ramblers’ Association of Malta is an Environmental NGO which is actively involved in the protection of the countryside and the public’s ability to enjoy it. In addition it regularly organises walks to promote public awareness of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the Maltese islands.


one of our walks

What is Rambling?

The Ramblers’ Association organises walks to the most interesting parts of the Maltese islands. Besides being a sport which provides plenty of exercise, rambling involves an appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of the places we visit. The Ramblers’ Association uses its extensive knowledge of the Maltese countryside to prepare specific tracks of various durations and difficulty, with an eye to including the most beautiful panoramas and historical places of interest along the way. Besides our experienced walk leaders, our walks often include other experts to help us to explain specific features of the landscapes in question

Villa at Wied Qannotta

monstrosity ruining the Wardija landscape

Environmental Activism

The protection of the countryside goes hand in hand with our enjoyment of it. The countryside of the Maltese islands is under threat by over development and the by the granting of abusive development permits in the heart of our natural environments. The Ramblers’ Association regularly objects to such permits and blows the whistle on illegal development discovered during our walks. It also makes sure that any enforcement action which is supposed to be taken against illegalities is followed upon, and has regular meetings with the Authorities to protect the public’s interest in matters of environmental protection.

RTO Sign

the public has no way to know whether land is private or not

Right of Access

Another problem facing would be ramblers is the fact that the countryside is being slowly but surely privatised and closed off for the private enjoyment of a few people. The number of gates closing off the public’s right of way, along with a host of RTO signs have been multiplying in these past years. While some land is indeed private it has become impossible for the common citizen to distinguish between legitimate barriers and abusive ones. One of the main aims of the Association is thus to protect the public’s right of way against illegal barriers and to demand the establishment of public paths which can be used by the public to enjoy the heritage of our islands.

If you support our aims, we suggest you become a member and start rambling with us!