Walks Programme

The association organises about 50 walks every year, and has several expert walk leaders to help you enjoy the best routes we have found while trekking ourselves.

Walks are organised for the benefit of RAM members. Guests are welcome to try any walk and are invited to join the association if they find the going good and wish to come again.

How difficult are the walks?

Ramblers often leave the paved roads to roam the countryside and this may not be suitable for everybody. Therefore all walks are graded by duration and by difficulty, to help members decide whether a walks is suitable for them or not.

EasyFor the occasional rambler who prefers to walk along easy terrain routes along country lanes without much rough ground or too steep inclines.
Moderate For the average rambler who can take 3-4 hour stretches of walking on uneven surfaces.
HardFor the fit rambler in good physical shape and able to negotiate steep inclines and long stretches.
Very Hard Only for hardy ramblers loving difficult challenges, and who are ready to take a beating.

What guidelines should I keep in mind when coming for a walk?

The association recommends that you follow this set of (non-exhaustive) guidelines for an enjoyable walk, and also to prevent any loss or injury while walking in the outdoors.

  • Wearing clothing attire and footwear which is suitable for walking activities;
  • Keeping all your belongings in a safe place during the walk;
  • Bringing basic first aid material with you to the walk;
  • Bringing sufficient drinking water with you to the walk;
  • Undertaking a medical check-up on a regular basis to ensure that your health condition is adequate for walking activities;
  • Paying attention to the difficulty level of each walk, and only attending walks the difficulty level of which is compatible with your experience and physical condition;
  • Sticking to the trail suggested by walk leaders during the walk;
  • Stopping from walking if at any point the walk feels too difficult.

Disclaimer: By attending any of the walks you expressly acknowledge that this shall be at your own risk and that you shall be responsible for any loss, damage or injury which you may incur during the walk. The association expressly disclaims liability in any manner or under any circumstances whatsoever, for any loss or damage, bodily injury or death, which may be incurred during a walk.

Green Country Code

Walking in the countryside needs to take place in a respectful way to the environment and other countryside users.

The association demands that you follow its Green Country Code when you participate in its walks.

  1. Walk along pathways as far as possible.
  2. Do not trespass, cause damage or trample on cultivated areas.
  3. Respect other countryside users and do not cause undue disturbance to others.
  4. Refrain from collecting or causing harm to any specimens of flora and fauna.
  5. Do not litter the countryside.
  6. Do not dispose of any waste near the sea.
  7. Avoid causing noise and light pollution (especially in caves or at night).
  8. Do not light fires in vulnerable locations (such as caves, under trees, on dry grass or garigue).
  9. Know the protection status of any sites we will pass through. Some activities may be restricted in such areas or they may require extra attention.
  10. Report any grass fires or emergencies on 112.


Sunday 1st:  Selmun and Mistra Bay

A moderate scenic walk from the heights of Selmun descends rapidly to Mistra Bay and proceeds northwards along the eastern coast past Ras il-Griebeġ and back up to the Xagħra tal-Girdellu.

Meeting point: Selmun Palace

Starting time: 09:00

Rating: Moderate

Duration: 3.5 hours

Wednesday 4th: Birzebbugia, Wied Ħas-Saptan

Walking in the valley, passing Casa Ippolitu (Id-dar ta’ Pultu) and then onto the area known as Ta’ Kaċċatura.

Meeting point: B’Bugia parish church

Starting time: 14:00

Rating: Easy with some rough ground

Duration: 3 hours approximately

Sunday 8th: Miżieb walk

We start from the Simar Nature reserve and walk along the Xemxija Heritage trail until we reach Miżieb. We then enter and navigate the woodlands until we make our way back through Wied il-Pwales.

Meeting point: Simar Nature Reserve, Xemxija

Starting time: 9:00

Rating: Easy

Duration: 3 hours

Sunday 15th: Cultural walk around Qrendi

The mayor of Qrendi will be showing us around his beautiful village. We shall be visiting “San Mattew tal-Maqluba” chapel, the sanctuary of Our lady of Mercy, Ġnien Tal-Kmand and the Octagonal Tower.

A donation of €2 per person, collected on the day, will go towards the restoration and upkeep of Our Lady of Mercy chapel. 

Meeting point: Qrendi parish church

Starting time: 9:00

Rating: Easy

Duration: 3 hours approximately

Sunday 22nd: Baħrija walk

A walk in the environs of Baħrija. The walk is not particularly strenuous. There are some uphill parts, and a steep uphill slope with a short vertiginous path (Those who do not have a head for heights, please note).

Meeting point: Baħrija Square parking


Starting time: 09:00

Rating: Moderate

Duration: Between 2 to 3 hours