Ramblers Ask When Public Access Will Be Restored to Blata tal-Melħ

The Ramblers’ Association of Malta wishes to bring to the public’s attention the fact that on the 8th of April 2022 the Planning Commission rejected an application to sanction an illegally installed gate blocking access to a passageway leading from Baħrija to il-Blata tal-Melħ.

In its decision the planning commission indicated that the gate was blocking an established pre-1967 pathway, as detailed on its own official survey sheets.

Subsequently, the Planning Authority issued an enforcement notice for the removal of the gate and publicly announced that it would remove it, which it has not done to date.

The illegally installed gate has now been restricting access to the pathway for a year (since April 2021). 

The association wishes to highlight the unjust sanctioning system, through which those who operate illegally obtain a stay on enforcement action and do not face any consequences, whilst the walking public is penalised.

The association calls on the Planning Authority to declare whether enforcement or daily penalties will continue to be put off if an appeal is filed.

In the meantime the association could not carry out a planned press conference today after it was confronted by landowners on site and the media was blocked from filming.

Despite the frustrating situation, the association appeals to the public to behave in an orderly manner and to not trespass into other parts of the site while this matter is resolved.