Major walking organisations join forces to advance the interests of walkers in Malta and Gozo

From left to right: Ingram Bondin (Ramblers), Stanley Borg (Trekking Malta), Giovanni Camilleri (Trail Makers), Bernard Schranz (Leisure Ventures) and James Portelli (Xir Cammini).

Walking and Trekking have seen a great increase in popularity in the last few years, with
numerous people of all ages and from all walks of life taking up this pastime as their preferred mode of fitness and relaxation. More people than ever are seeking to practice this activity, both in our towns and especially in our coastal and countryside areas.

Unfortunately this influx of people wishing to enjoy the countryside has created friction with other countryside users and landowners, with ancient country pathways which have been enjoyed for ages being suddenly blocked.

In order to protect ancient rights of way and advance the interests of their members, four of Malta’s largest walking and trekking groups will be joining forces with The Ramblers’ Association of Malta in order to be able to speak with one voice when it comes to the problems being regularly faced by walkers in Malta and Gozo. The four groups are Leisure Ventures, Trekking Malta, Trail Makers and XirCammini.

By coming together these walking organisations have also agreed to use a common ‘green
country code’ when carrying out their activities in order to minimise their impact on the
environment and on other countryside users and landowners. Through these efforts the walking groups aim to educate the public to be respectful and avoid things such as trampling, littering, damage to flora and fauna and undue disturbance to others.

The aforementioned groups wish to recognise that there are other walking groups in Malta and Gozo, both new and long established. The founding members of this coalition look forward to expanding this alliance further in the near future.